Are you looking for a gym with towel service in Christchurch?

At The Gallery Gym, we know that finding a gym with towel service in Christchurch is a ‘mission impossible’. That’s why there has never been a better time to join our gym – The Gallery Gym!

In response to the growing needs and desires of our valued members and visitors, The Gallery Gym is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new towel service! Now, all members and visitors can enjoy the ultimate convenience of renting a towel for only $3 from our reception area, ensuring a hassle-free and refreshing gym experience.

Elevating the Gym Experience

Towel service at a gym is not merely an amenity, it’s a game-changer that elevates the entire gym experience for everyone involved. By offering clean and fresh towels for use on the gym floor, in saunas, and during showers, we are dedicated to enhancing convenience, hygiene, and comfort for our esteemed patrons.

Promoting Cleanliness and Hygiene

First and foremost, towels serve as essential barriers between gym equipment and the user’s skin, effectively preventing the transfer of sweat, bacteria, and germs. By providing towels on the gym floor, we promote cleanliness and significantly reduce the risk of infections or skin irritation among our valued members.

Enhancing Comfort During Workouts

Sweating during workouts is par for the course, and our soft and absorbent towels are here to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your exercise regimen, enhancing your overall workout experience and increasing your satisfaction with every visit.

Prioritizing Safety

Safety is paramount at The Gallery Gym, and our towel service contributes to it in more ways than one. Not only do towels help you wipe away sweat to prevent slips and falls on equipment surfaces, but they also encourage you to maintain proper hygiene practices post-workout.

Maximizing Sauna Enjoyment

Saunas, a beloved amenity for relaxation and stress relief, are also enhanced by our towel service. With towels to sit on, you can fully immerse yourself in the sauna experience without any discomfort or concerns about hygiene. Plus, heavy sweating in saunas is par for the course, and our towels are here to ensure you stay dry and comfortable throughout your session.

Convenient Post-Workout Showering

Forgetting a towel for your post-workout shower is no longer a cause for concern at The Gallery Gym. Our towel service ensures that you always have access to clean towels, eliminating the need for you to bring your own. Not only does this enhance your overall experience at our facility, but it also reflects our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction.


Our towel service is more than just a convenience, it’s an essential amenity that significantly enhances the overall gym experience for our members and visitors. By offering this invaluable service, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing a superior experience and meeting the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele. So, next time you visit The Gallery Gym, be sure to take advantage of our towel service and enjoy a gym experience like never before!

Finding a gym with towel service is hard. At The Gallery Gym, we pride ourselves on offering a top-notch fitness experience, that’s why joining a gym with towel service is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their fitness routine. Our towel service will ensure maximum comfort and convenience for our valued members. Many fitness enthusiasts prioritize joining a gym with towel service. Are you the one? 

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