The Gallery Gym – one of the best gyms in Christchurch CBD with cheapest gym membership plans and 24/7 access, where anyone can find what they are looking for. We offer great equipment, some of the best personal trainers in Christchurch, personolised training programs and nutrition advice, and even meal service!


Join the best gym in Christchurch with 24/7 access and cheap gym memebrship plans today!

where every square peg fits into a round hole

Welcome to The Gallery Gym, your ultimate fitness destination nestled in the heart of Christchurch! Our commitment is to provide the most affordable membership plans in Christchurch CBD, granting you access to a world-class gym equipped with top-notch gear, 24/7 availability, and seasoned trainers. With our central location, integrating fitness into your daily routine has never been more convenient. 

We are the best gym in Christchurch with 24/7 access and cheap gym memebrship plans!

Your Transformative Fitness Journey Begins Here!

Embark on a transformative journey at The Gallery Gym, the best gym in Christchurch with 24/7 access. Our dynamic workout programs cater to all fitness levels, ensuring each member follows a personalized route to success. As the exclusive gym in Christchurch, we proudly offer after-school classes for teenagers, guided by a personal trainer, instilling healthy habits from an early age.

For our adult members, we understand the importance of flexibility in your fitness routine. That is why we introduce lunchtime classes designed specifically for your busy schedule. Join our invigorating “Body Fat Blitz classes with Kristy” and experience a high-energy workout aimed at torching calories and building strength. Alternatively, unwind and find balance in our “Yogalates Fusion” classes with Diana, combining the best of yoga and pilates for a holistic approach to fitness.

Where Fitness Meets Music – Home of Drum and Bass in Christchurch!

We are not just the best gym in Christchurch with 24/7 access, we are also the home of Drum and Bass music!

Step into The Gallery Gym, where the synergy of fitness and music takes center stage. Not only are we your ultimate fitness destination, but we also proudly claim the title of being the home of Drum and Bass in Christchurch! Amidst our commitment to affordability and health benefits, we have curated an environment that resonates with the beats of DnB music.

Our dedication to an active lifestyle extends beyond traditional fitness offerings. Join us in this unique fitness experience, where the rhythm of DnB becomes the backdrop to your wellness journey. Enjoy not only the physical benefits of our programs but also the energizing atmosphere that sets us apart. Join the best gym in Christchurch with 24/7 access and best music today and let the beat guide you to your fitness goals!

If you are tired of corporate Christchurch gyms like Snap Fitness, City Fitness or Affinity Fitness and want to try something different, come visit us at the best Christchurch gym, The Gallery Gym!

Are you still looking for the best gym in Christchurch? Come visit us at The Gallery gym! Our 24/7 access, DnB music and cheap gym membership plans will not disappoint.

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