Welcome to The Gallery Gym – the best gym for teens in Christchurch

The Gallery Gym is the best gym for teens in Christchurch that has an after school programme! Whether you are 13 years old, 14 years old or 15 years old, we accept all teens at The Gallery Gym Academy!

Hey there, welcome to “The Gallery Academy” – the coolest after-school hangout for teens at The Gallery Gym! If you are all about figuring out who you are, trying new stuff, and unlocking your potential, get ready for something awesome – ‘The Gallery Academy’ program!

Get Ready to Get Fit!

Imagine this: breaking a sweat, trying fun workouts, and crushing anything that’s holding you back. ‘The Gallery Academy’ isn’t just a program, it’s like joining a squad of people who, like you, want to get fit and be super cool. Together, we are going to push our limits and show the world what we are made of!

Meet Craig, Your Super Cool Trainer

Craig is not just a gym pro, he is also a mentor excited about seeing you grow. He is here to guide you, give you that extra boost, and inspire you to be even more awesome than you thought you could be!

With an impressive 35-year journey in weight training, Craig is a powerhouse in the fitness world. He has represented New Zealand at the Powerlifting World Championships, securing several national records and coaching powerlifters who have excelled both nationally and internationally.

Craig holds various qualifications in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, and Health Coaching. His passion lies in coaching and training the general population on their health and well-being journey, driven by the fundamental belief that everyone should engage in resistance training.

Craig is also the Kidz Need Dadz Christchurch Manager!

Shine, Boost Confidence, Make Friends

Embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery at ‘The Gallery Academy.’ As you break a sweat and conquer challenges, you will not only see physical transformations but also witness a boost in your self-esteem. The camaraderie here is real, you are not just joining a fitness class, you are becoming part of a supportive community where friendships flourish. It’s not just about lifting weights, it’s about lifting each other up, creating lasting bonds that make every workout session a celebration of shared victories. So, get ready to shine not just in the gym but in every aspect of your life, as you build confidence, make lifelong friends, and revel in the joy of achieving your fitness goals together!

Easy Enrollment, Super Cheap Classes

Enrolling in “The Gallery Academy” is a breeze. Just become a gym member or grab a $10 day pass whenever you come for a class. And guess what? If you join the gym, you will get 24/7 access, so you can work out whenever you feel like it, not just during “The Gallery Academy” hours. Plus, it’s super cheap – only $5 per class. That’s less than your pocket change for a whole lot of fitness fun!

Join The Gallery Gym – the best gym for teens in Christchurch!

best gym for teens in Christchurch

Don't Miss Out – Sign Up Now!

Don’t miss out on this mega opportunity! Sign up now, take the first step towards a future of strength, success, and personal growth. You’ve got the power to be great – let’s do this! Join “The Gallery Academy”, where fitness meets fun, challenges turn into victories, and your journey to a healthier, happier you begins. It’s not just a program, it’s a lifestyle. Embrace it, live it, and let the world see your strength!

Interested in joining the best gym for teens in Christchurch? Email us today to learn more about the process, or simply visit us during our staffed hours!

Everybody is welcome at the best gym for teens in Christchurch!

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